Johnny "KMNDZ" Rodriguez

Prague was cold and kinda old

Recently got back from Prague, working on another top secret project. Kinda of a cool place worked a bunch so not much time to goof around. The pict is of a new friend Meredith wile hanging around on set.

Also getting ready for Fifty24, a show that I’m stoked for. Small gallery that has been host to some of my favorite artists. As some of you know I’ll follow it up with a solo show in LA at my all time dream gallery… CRAZY STOKED!!!!

Just about finished with all the paintings, just doing finishing touches. The majority of the show will be made up of small affordable pieces (your voice was heard). Only three large pieces and working on a print or a screen print… crossing fingers. Some photos and more info the closer we get to the show. If your in the SF area, please stop by and say hi. Talking to you Danielle


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